Writer, filmmaker

Althought originally not set on a career in filmmaking, David was mentored into scriptwriting by legendary french film director Alain Resnais, whom he befriended as a teenager.
His screenwriting skills eventually led him to write and direct his short film, Iron Dream (Rêve de Fer) (2017) which is dedicated to Alain.
As well as directing music videos for Punk and Metal bands, David is currently working on two full length film projects, La Machine Infernale which has completed script development, and a film adaptation of the play Brand.


A Film journalist for France’s Premiere magazine, David created in 1999 DVDvision, the first magazine in the world to offer a DVD in each issue. He also inspired the currently hit seller Mook Premiere Classics, as well as long standing comics reviews magazine Comic Box.
His credits includes a long term collaboration with S.F.X. magazine, Comics USA, Vogue Hommes and Consoles+.
David recently released his first book, about his favorite director, James Cameron, A Filmmaker's Odyssey. The book was published on march 31, 2017, by Huginn & Muninn Editions in France, to critical acclaim.

Film restoration

Passionate about film restoration work, David has supervised director's cut reconstructions, color timing and High-Definition transfers for directors like TONY SCOTT (True Romance unrated cut), and CHRISTOPHE GANS, (Crying Freeman, Brotherhood of the Wolf). David also conceived and supervised the original A&E releases of The Avengers TV show on DVD. He also worked on an unreleased High Definition remastering of the series Les Nouvelles Aventures de Vidocq directed by Marcel Bluwal for Gaumont.
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